Truck Driver is One of Most America’s Jobs

Pretty much wherever people live, truckers are needed. Without truckers, how would Americans get their food, furniture, automobiles and everything else needed to live modern life?

Recently on Facebook, a map of the USA showing the most popular job in each state has been making the rounds. In 29 states, truck drivers make up the majority of full-time working adults.

A few decades ago, secretary and farmer proved most popular, but now trucking dominates the USA. Think about it: from delivery men and women working for UPS and Fedex delivering all the goods we buy online, to long-haul drivers going state to state with commercial goods, America doesn’t just “run on Dunkin’ (Donuts)”– it runs on truckers!

Many people out of work find themselves asking, “What could I do for work? What’s going to pay the bills?” These days, there are plenty of trucking jobs available– they pay well, and it’s a growing industry, with demand expected to pretty much double from 1.44 million truckers on the road in 2014 to 2.76 million in 2022.

Did you know that at any given time there are 25,000 unfilled trucking jobs on the market? It might be time to consider trucking as your new career. The pay ranges from about $30K to $65K a year.

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