Technology is Helping the Truck Driving Industry Become More Efficient

Most people have no idea how technology has infiltrated the modern trucking industry. They think back to 1970s movies when truckers were known for wearing cowboy hats and talking on their CB radios, saying “breaker, breaker…”

Electronic Logging Devices

Today’s truckers, however, are typically using an ELD, which stands for electronic logging device. This is a removable tablet that handles a lot of information, including how long the driver works. It’s a machine that tells them when to take breaks. It can be used to message other truckers. It can optimize routes, among other things. Many ELDs have cameras so they watch (and record) drivers’ actions. ELDs eliminate the need to constantly fill out paper logs and/or get calls from dispatchers for updates on arrival times/locations. Because ELDs record information, they can help identify bad driving behavior, too, such as excess acceleration, cornering or hard braking. It’s kind of like having a mentor watch over a trucker and notice things the trucker might not notice about themselves. This way, they know what they did and can make adjustments so the “bad” stuff doesn’t happen again.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Another major development is GPS fleet tracking. This allows for a business to keep an eye on all their vehicles– where are they at any given time? GPS fleet tracking’s benefits include more efficient dispatching, increased security and better route optimization (creating the safest and most efficient route for drivers to take). Real-time data and mapping show where the trucks are and where they’re headed.

Trucking Apps

Truckers can also take advantage of trucking apps that help them quickly access information such as traffic reports, weather info, fuel prices and more. Some of these popular apps include Trucker Path, GasBuddy and Drivewyze.

Even rest stops are becoming more technologically advanced to help make trucking more efficient.

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