Tips for Truck Drivers Driving in the Fog

Few things are more difficult than trying to drive through a thick fog. This is true when you’re driving a little sports car. It’s even more true when you’re a commercial truck driver, and one false move could put many lives in danger.

As such, what can truck drivers do to drive safely in the fog? Here are some ideas:

Slow your Speed and Turn on Your Fog Lights and 4-Ways

Even if it’s a straight ahead road, you should still slow down to ensure you’re ready to hit the brakes at the drop of a hat. Moreover, fog lights and 4-ways are your friends, and let other motorists know your approaching. If all motorists did this, it would make the challenge if driving in heavy fog much easier.

Do Not Change Lanes or Try to Pass Anyone

Changing lanes or trying to pass another motorist is a no-no in the fog. The juice just ain’t worth the squeeze and the risk is too high, even if you feel like you’re losing your mind behind a super slow motorist.

Let Time Pass if It Gets to Foggy

Truck drivers are a tough minded bunch and  can handle nearly any obstacle thrown their way. But when it gets too foggy out there, the juice is no longer worth the squeeze. It’s downright frightening driving in a super heavy fog, especially in an unfamiliar place. If it’s foggy to the point that you’re concerned about driving, pull over and let some time pass, then hit the road again when you feel safe.

Those are just a few tips for driving a commercial truck in the fog. If you have any to share, please leave them in the comments section.

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