This Year’s Truck Driver Appreciation Week is Extra Meaningful

Way back in 1998, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week was created by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) to honor some of the most vital workers to the American economy. This year, Truck Driver Appreciation Week will occur from September 13th-19th.

It’s important that we annually celebrate the important role that truck drivers play. However, this year it’s even more imperative we take the time to properly honor truck drivers after they bravely kept working to get vital goods to Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Without truck drivers, the madness that occurred with toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages would have occurred with myriad other items as well. Truck drivers not only got vital items to where they needed to go, but also entertainment options that helped people deal with the uncertain times.

How to Show Appreciation to Truck Drivers

So what are examples of things we can do to show our appreciation to truck drivers? Here are some examples of how you can show gratitude.

  • Simply say “thank you” for doing a great job during the pandemic
  • Buy a truck driver lunch
  • Wash a truck driver’s windows
  • Write a truck driver a thank you note
  • Put up a ‘thank you’ sign at a popular truck stop
  • Start a social media hashtag for others to share their support and gratitude for truck drivers

Those are just a few of the many small things you can do to show your appreciation to the people who serve as the backbone of the American economy. What ideas do you have? Drivers, what things would you like to see happen?