Fascinating Details About the Truck Driving Industry

Did you know the idea of trucking can be traced back all the way to 1898? Back then, a man named Alexander Winton developed a new “horseless carriage” and hired the first driver to deliver goods to faraway places. If only Alexander lived long enough to see how much you can haul in today’s 18-wheeleers.

That is one fascinating fact about the truck driving industry. Here are a few others.

The Truth About Truck Drivers and Accidents

Perhaps contrary to popular belief, commercial truck drivers are far less likely to get in an accident than regular drivers are. Although accidents are quick to grab the headlines, truckers at the general level tend to be proficient, safe drivers who use their experience to keep themselves and other motorists safe.

There is an Annual Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Truck Driver Appreciation Week was first created back in 1998, and will take place again this year from September 13-20. However, after all drivers did to keep us running during the pandemic, perhaps we need to have TWO truck driver appreciation weeks this year!

Truck Drivers Can Save Greatly on Gas By Driving 65 Rather than 75

Interestingly, driving at 65 miles per hour rather than trying to cruise at 75 can save nearly 30% on fuel for drivers.  Even with diesel prices currently down a bit right now, it’s always great to save on fuel and be as efficient as possible!

Truck Driving Industry Employ Millions

According to data from 2016, there are 3.5 million truck drivers currently in the United States, and that does not include all the other men and women who work within the industry, such as support staff. The truck driving industry truly is the backbone of the American economy!

Whether you’re a company in need of qualified drivers or a driver in need of work, the truck driving placement experts at Platinum Drivers are here to help out both sides of the equation in our amazing industry. Contact us for more information.