Tips for Truckers Trying to Survive the Holiday Season

HolidaysCommercial truck driving is a job that requires long hauls from long distances between point A and point B. The holiday time in particular is especially busy and stressful, as commercial truck drivers are expected to be on the road for extended periods of time.

The holiday season is when deliveries are made around the clock, which requires big rig drivers to be on hand for shipment delivery at all hours of the day.

With increased highway traffic, negative weather conditions, loneliness on the road, and stress from a busy commute schedule, commercial truck drivers need to be extra cautious during this time of year.

You can expect overtime during the holidays as a commercial truck driver, and free time might be hard to come by. Big stores require frequent shipments, as well as grocery stores need to keep their shelves stocked and warehouses need their packages out. This urgent delivery means a heftier paycheck during the holidays, but try not to overdo it. It is perfectly well and fine to take on the shifts that no one else wants, but don’t forget to carve out a little free time for yourself.

If you are unsure of what is expected of you in terms of holiday pay, required overtime or anything else that is pertinent to driving during the holiday season, be sure to double check your company’s employee manual. You want to know your rights as well as how you should plan your holiday time off accordingly. If you can’t locate holiday requirements in your employee handbook, make time to speak with your immediate supervisor.

The holiday season should include some compromise. Since the trucking industry has a slight down period after the holidays, take that time to be off and spend it relaxing with family. There is no reason to keep up a hectic schedule if you don’t have to.

Lastly, make sure you are well rested and eat well-balanced meals because travel during the holidays always tends to be tough and accidents are prone to happen.

Don’t forget to make time for you during the holidays and be safe. If you need assistance with finding the right commercial truck driving job for you, contact Platinum Drivers today.