How New Cab Designs Can Attract More Female Truck Drivers

Did you know female truck drivers now constitute over 10% of drivers? Just 10 years ago they comprised of just 3%, and there could be continued growth on the horizon as companies look to find solutions to fill truck driver shortage issues.

What are other things truck driving companies can do?

According to an article from the Women in Trucking Association, women may be more inclined to join the truck driving profession if the cabs in semi-trucks were built to better suit their needs. Most cabs were manufactured with men in mind, leading to a lack of comfort, as well as safety concerns. More specifically, women tend to be smaller in stature, which it makes it more difficult for them to adequately reach the pedals and see clearly over the wheel. That’s not fun for a short drive, let alone a cross country drive in a semi!

As such, a potential advantage for companies looking to hire more women and is to manufacture cabs that are specifically designed for their needs and statures. Doing so could be the difference between a great female candidate choosing your company or going to the competition. Here are some other things you can do to attract female truck drivers:

  • Have successful programs in place to help accelerate their careers
  • Offer incentives for them to train within your company
  • Make family friendly rules in regards to paid time off

Those are just some of the many ways companies can attract female drivers to their company. If you’re in need of a reliable truck driver for your fleet, learn how Platinum Drivers can  help.