Show a Truck Driver Your Gratitude During This Special Week!

Truck Driver Appreciation WeekWhere would we be without truckers? Daily life as we’ve come to know it would stop if truckers stopped trucking. Truckers deliver the goods and resources people want and need in order to live comfortable lives.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is Sept. 13 – 19th this year. If ever there was a year to be thankful for truckers, it’s 2020 with the Coronavirus running rampant and civil unrest in cities like Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Chicago, and New York. There are more than 3 million truckers out there on the roads and highways, trying to do their jobs during a most difficult time for this nation.

What are some things trucking companies can do to thank truckers during appreciation week?

We All Love Prizes!

First, who doesn’t love a prize? Why not offer some sort of giveaway via a raffle? Maybe reward truckers with prizes like iPads, CB radios, electric blankets, shower kits, or, better yet, vacation trips, all expenses paid?

And Great Food!

Of course food is always a good thing– why not offer free lunch all week? Whether it’s a packed lunch they can take on the road with them, or gift cards so they choose their own meals at rest stops along the way, free food is always a nice bonus.

Classy Gestures

What about an old-fashioned, handwritten card in the mail? Sure, it might sound corny, but truckers, like most people, want to know they’re appreciated. And something from the company that’s not just photocopied might mean something to them– a handwritten note of thanks is the kind of thing their families would hang up, proudly displaying it in their home. You could also do some social media posts giving drivers “shout outs” and letting people know what you specifically appreciate about certain people. Make a “thank you” video and share it.

Truck servicing is a good way to show appreciation for truckers. Give them a free wash! Better yet, extend the “good deals” past one week. Give them a coupon/reward book they can use in the weeks and months to come for nice little perks.

Finally, most people just think of gifts at Christmastime, but with truckers, any time of the year is a good time to give gifts, and, more importantly, show appreciation.