Truck Drivers Are Finally Represented at the Decision Making Table

All too often decisions get made about how to do things based on higher-ups who have no connection to how things are actually done. This is true in most industries, and it’s annoying, right? Well here’s some good news for truckers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has created a panel of commercial drivers to contribute to the agency’s Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee. This panel will provide feedback to the FMCSA on issues facing truckers.

Why is this a good thing? Well, truckers will have their voices heard when it comes to what gets discussed with the higher-ups as well as what decisions get made about topics such as trucker safety, hours-of-service regulations, trucker training, and parking issues.

The Trucker Panel

The trucker panel will include between 20 and 25 drivers representing various sectors of the trucking industry from different geographic backgrounds. From motorcoach drivers to tractor-trailer operators, the panel will represent drivers who haul a wide range of cargo, from agricultural products to hazardous materials. This is their chance to have a say in the future of the industry, with a specific emphasis on subjects drivers truly deal with on a daily basis such as waiting time, HOS regulations, speed limiters and compliance issues. The panel’s input should ultimately strengthen safety on America’s roads. It’s important for truckers to be represented at the table when safety concerns are discussed by the powers-that-be.

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