How To Prep Your Home For An Extended Absence

Peparing Home Truck driving has proved repeatedly to be a very stable job. Good pay, benefits and professional training are customary for truck drivers. The one catch to the job, you are often away from home for several weeks at a time.

The initial period you can expect to be away from home for professional training is 3 to 8 weeks. Since driving a large semi-truck for commercial purposes can be a risky job, your training period is more extensive than the time you are actually working.

A typical time period for being away from home is 2 to 3 weeks. If you happen to live alone, you will want to ensure your home is left protected before you go. The last thing you want is to come back after several weeks to find a disaster has unfolded in your absence.

A guide might serve as a reminder of what to do before you head out on the next upcoming job. To save you on time, patience and cost in the event that something goes wrong, here is a simple list.

  • Anything that can spoil, whether in the fridge or not, should be thrown away. If you’ve never smelled a bag of rotten baked potatoes in a cupboard before, trust that it doesn’t get much worse.
  • Ensure all garbage cans inside and out are free of garbage. You never know what types of critters are lurking around.
  • All electrical appliances should be unplugged and stowed away. No sense leaving something plugged in if you won’t be using it for a while.
  • If your light switches turn on and off to a timer, be sure to set the timer for on for whenever the sun goes down and to turn off several hours after sunset.
  • If there is no one available to pick up your mail for you, you can have it stopped or delivered to a P.0. box at the post office.
  • For pets, a boarding location or a pet sitter family member or friend is ideal.

There could very easily be additional tasks to do depending on the season it is, but the above is just a generalized list.

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