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Truck Driving Jobs Consume a Large Portion Of Online Employment Ads

The American job market still hasn’t risen fully from the recession and struggle the economy experienced a few years back. Luckily, there are still some career paths where worker demand is extremely high. One such job is that of truck driving. Truck driving offers great pay, benefits and security of a lifelong career. Carrier trucks… Read more »

Truck Driving Championships Start Tomorrow

If you’ve ever watched the TV show Ice Road Truckers on The History Channel you’ll know that the truckers have a friendly competition to see who hauls the most loads during a season. In trucking, like most jobs, bragging rights matter. Many states and regions have truck driving competitions that give truckers an opportunity to… Read more »

New Commercial Driving Rule Aims To Improve Roadway Safety

A new federal rule affecting commercial truck and bus drivers will change the way drivers’ hours-of-service are recorded and verified. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) adopted a Final Rule requiring drivers to use electronic logging devices (ELD) to replace paper and pencil records of on-duty/off-duty time. Approximately three million… Read more »

Things for Truck Drivers to Pack While on the Road

Truck Driver

Truck drivers need to pack certain things for their trips. Of course, it helps to have a Trucker’s Atlas handy for navigation purposes, as well as a working CB to stay in contact with other truckers along the way. A box of tools for minor repairs to the truck is always a good thing to… Read more »

Stay Safe in Treacherous Conditions this Winter

Semi Truck Driving in Blizzard Like Conditions

As if driving a vehicle with 18-wheels under clear skies wasn’t difficult enough, having to drive one when it’s snowing, icy or in white out conditions raises the difficulty level to a whole new spectrum. Even the most skilled drivers must take additional cautionary measures on the road, and with Winter Storm Jonas ready to… Read more »

Trucking Continues To Be On The Rise

Platinum Drivers

Even though it often gets overlooked, trucking has been helping move products across the country for many years. Unfortunately, due to the economy a few years ago, the trucking industry hit a rough patch; however, thanks to a growth in retail sales and factory output, the amount of products moved by trucking hit an all-time… Read more »

How to Solve the Truck Driver Shortage

Freight truck driving is currently the occupation of millions of Americans. Thousands and thousands of companies have trucks that require drivers and other employees to complete the job. Although millions of Americans take up this occupation, there is still a shortage of drivers in this day and age. Most of the people involved in this… Read more »

Finding the Starting Line: How To Get Truck Driving Experience

A green semi-trailer truck on a highway.

Searching for a job can be frustrating. We know, understatement of the year, right? It’s never been more true than it is today, and it applies to almost every trade or industry across the planet. One of the worst obstacles to employment is the paradox of working experience. Every job in the classified section seems… Read more »

How to Prepare For Driving in Inclement Weather

Semi truck driving in snowstorm

If you’ve ever watched the TV show Ice Road Truckers, you’ve seen truckers taking on some of the harshest weather conditions on the planet. Indeed, snow, ice and wind can give truckers trouble– anywhere. Sometimes you’ll need to put the chains on, to help your tires get better traction when the roads are a sloppy,… Read more »