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Truck Driving Industry is Filled With Dedicated Professionals

Responsible truck driver giving a thumbs up

Most people only think about truck driving while on the highway. There are many preconceived notions about truckers and the trucking industry, however, the industry is filled with talented and dedicated individuals ready to transport your goods safely. Safety First Despite their job being driving, truckers on average get in three times fewer accidents than… Read more »

High Gas Prices Are Deeply Impacting the Trucking Industry

Truck driver's hand holding a fuel pump at a station

We’re living in difficult times. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is having worldwide impacts, including the steady rise of gas prices in the USA. As fuel prices rise, truckers and trucking companies are forced to pay more to fill their rigs. This translates into higher costs for consumers who should expect to pay more money for… Read more »

Truck Drivers Are Frustrated By Far More Than Just COVID

Young, first year truck driver in his cab

Covid-19 mandates ended up causing quite a stir because Canadian truckers shut down North America’s land border in order to protest having to get vaccine shots in order to do their jobs. And plenty of truck drivers in the United States have been equally frustrated with the government telling them what they should do– or… Read more »

These Rules May Be Preventing More Drivers From Joining the Trucking Industry

Semi Truck Driving into sunset

There’s certainly a need for more truck drivers, but industry rules and regulations may be preventing more drivers from joining the industry. Interestingly, enrollment at truck driving schools is on the upswing across the country, so that is good news, right? But it will be a while before those new recruits are actually able to… Read more »

How Truckers Can Reduce Safety Risks

Truck Driver with hands on steering wheel driving safely

Driving a truck is a big responsibility. What are some steps truckers can take to minimize safety risks? Truckers, Do These Things to Stay Safe on the Road: Defensive driving is a mindset that truckers should adopt– it basically means always looking out for potential hazards and/or changes in driving/road conditions. The more aware a… Read more »

A New Pilot Program Wants Teenage Long Haul Truck Drivers

Teenage Truck Driver in Cab of Long Haul Truck

Could teenagers fill in the gaps for the trucking industry in the U.S.? There is a severe lack of drivers in the U.S. right now, and that has contributed to all sorts of supply chain problems. If you have noticed empty shelves at the local stores, it’s probably because there aren’t enough truckers to bring… Read more »

Being a Truck Driver is a Great Lifestyle Choice

Happy truck driver giving a thumbs up at rest stop

  When you think of The Rolling Stones or Willie Nelson, what comes to mind? Generally, you think of their songs, of course, as well as the many concerts they’ve given over the years, all over the place, right? The touring life is something most people never experience, but many musicians and singers do. That’s… Read more »

Salary and Flexible Hours Are Key to Truck Driver Retention

Young man driving commercial truck

How do you get truckers to be in it for the long haul? In other words, how do you get them to keep doing their jobs year after year rather than quitting to move to a different career? It turns out that better pay and flexible schedules are crucial to keeping truck drivers for the… Read more »

Best Trucker Certifications to Get

Commercial Driving 101 on Chalkboard for Class to Read

Okay, so you want to be a trucker and you need some certifications, right? What are some of the best to get? CDL The main certification you’ll both want and need to be a professional truck driver these days is your CDL (Commercial Driver License). You need one of these if you drive interstate, within… Read more »