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How a Truck Driver Staffing Agency Can Help Your Company Find the Right Fit

Truck Driver Staffing Agency

You’re at a trucking company and you’re looking for good candidates who’ll work for you, right? But how do you find those people? Do you hang signs up around town? Put your phone number on the back of trucks and hope they’ll call and inquire about jobs? Go to places where potential truckers might congregate… Read more »

An Overview of the DRIVE-Safe Act

DRIVE-Safe Act

If you haven’t been paying attention, here’s some news that came about this past March. There’s something called the DRIVE-Safe Act, which is a piece of legislation meant to ensure that there are more well-trained truck drivers available, in order to fill the shortage of drivers in the trucking industry. You can thank Congressman Duncan… Read more »

How a Good Truck Driver Helps Employers and Customers

Truck driver giving a thumbs up in his cab

If you’re looking for business advice and you do a quick Google search, this phrase will come up time and time again: “Your company is only as good as its people.” How does a good truck driver help both their employer and customers? Connectors Think of truckers as “boots on the ground” and “the human… Read more »

Truck Drivers: Here’s How You Stay Cool This Summer

How Truck Drivers Can Stay in Cool in Summer

Summertime and the trucking is… hot. When temperatures rise above 90 degrees outside, trucking (and other jobs) can become “challenging” to say the least. While you can’t bring a blow-up pool with you, there are some ways to stay cool in the summer. Make Sure Your AC Is Ready to Blast First, when’s the last… Read more »

An Inspirational Truck Driving Story

Deaf Truck Driver

As recently as just 6 years ago, it was impossible for a deaf person to become a truck driver. However, that all changed in 2012 when the Department of Transportation opened the door to deaf people by telling them that they would be able to start truck driving careers if they had a safe driving… Read more »

What Makes a Great Truck Driver?

Truck Drivers

What makes a great truck driver? Well, why not ask two truck drivers for their opinions, since they do the job daily and they know the lifestyle and see what’s good about their fellow truckers… Quotes From Truck Drivers Vince Jungenberg, Jr., is a truck driver based out of the Midwest. He says, “First and… Read more »

An Overview of Truck Driving and Millennials

Millennial Truck Drivers

The trucking industry is facing a problem right now. According to a new report released by the American Trucking Association in 2017, the industry needs about 900,000 new drivers at the moment to meet a growing demand. Over the last few months alone, there have been about 185,000 trucking jobs that have opened up, and… Read more »

Jumpstart Your Career By Becoming a Truck Driver

A Career in Truck Driving

Have you been looking for work that pays well, but you haven’t had much luck where you live and you’re starting to get discouraged? What about considering the trucking industry? You could jumpstart your career this year by becoming a truck driver. Did you know there’s a shortage of truck drivers? Because there is a… Read more »

Safety Advice for Truck Drivers

Truck Driver Safety

What’s some safety advice for truck drivers from Platinum Drivers? For starters, look ahead the majority of the time and check your mirrors frequently. You should always be aware of what’s going on around you, in the front, on the sides and behind you. You don’t want to drive when you’re tired. You need to… Read more »