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How Truck Drivers Can Avoid Weight Gain

Truck Driver Walking in Parking Lot

There are hefty truck drivers. There are thin ones. What can truck drivers do to keep weight off? Well, the trucking lifestyle isn’t an easy one. You may be away from home for days or weeks at a time. You may only encounter fast food joints and vending machines full of sugary sodas and snacks…. Read more »

How Have Pay Hikes Affected the Truck Driving Industry?

Truck Driver putting truck in cruise control

Have you noticed it seems like there are “help wanted” signs everywhere you go? And have you been reading news reports about many industries offering pay hikes to keep and attract workers? How have pay hikes affected the truck driving industry? So, as you probably know, people have been buying things online in record numbers,… Read more »

Lack of Parking Is an Issue for Truck Drivers

Several Semi Trucks Parked in Parking Lot

If you’re a truck driver, you probably experienced a time when you wanted to park your truck but there weren’t any available spaces. This is an all-too-common problem in the trucking industry. Now, on some highways, you’ll see a sign that indicates how many parking spaces are available for trucks at rest stops ahead, and… Read more »

Possible Solutions for Truck Driver Shortages

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Okay. You’ve been reading the news and you heard there’s a driver shortage issue, right? It’s true. There aren’t enough drivers available to drive all the trucks that need to be driven, and this is hampering the economy. Did the coronavirus pandemic create this problem? No, but it certainly didn’t help it! For many years… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Partner With a Truck Driving Temp Agency

Semi Truck Driver

Do you have your commercial drivers license, aka your “CDL?” Have you considered partnering with a temp agency to get some work? Why would you? These days, truck drivers have plenty of choices when it comes to finding a job. One of those options is to work with a temp agency. Many trucking companies are… Read more »

Make Summertime Trucking Routes a Success by Following These Tips

Happy truck driver giving a thumbs up at rest stop

Summertime usually means not just warm driving days, but hot ones. And then you factor in the humidity? You’ll be sweatin’! So what are some summertime tips for truck drivers? Stay Cool In the old days, truckers didn’t have air conditioned cabs and they didn’t carry water bottles everywhere. But in 2021, thankfully, you can… Read more »

Here’s One Trucking-Related Reason the Cost of Goods is Increasing

Rising costs text on a red increasing arrow

So, 2020 saw the world experience the Coronavirus pandemic. And what did that entail? Well, a lot of Americans were given money by the government, which is unprecedented, right? Usually the government demands its people give them more and more money. But in 2020 and 2021, suddenly the government is giving people $600 here and… Read more »

Why Truck Driver Shortages Could Cause Gas Prices to Spike Soon

Young Woman Pumping Gas at Gas Station

This summer, don’t be surprised if some gas stations have signs hanging up that say, “Sorry, we don’t have any gas.” And it’s not because of a lack of oil or gasoline production. Nope. It’s because there aren’t enough drivers to deliver fuel to gas stations. The Impact of Driver Shortages on Fuel Prices In… Read more »

Young Drivers Could Be a Huge Part of the Future of the Truck Driving Industry

Young man driving commercial truck

If you’ve been reading the news about the trucking industry lately, then you know it faces a driver shortage. The industry is looking for 60,000+ new drivers. Where are they? This is a pressing, on-going issue that’s not easily solved. That said, a group of bipartisan legislators have reintroduced the DRIVE-Safe Act in order to… Read more »