The Secrets of Veteran Truck Drivers

Secrets of Truck DriversDid you know that there are more than 3.5 million truckers working across the country at the moment? Some of them work close to home and spend every night in their bed, while others spend most of the year out on the road hauling shipments from one place to the next. Nevertheless, regardless of their differences, there are certain secrets that bond all truck drivers together. Take a look at a few of these secrets below.

Truck drivers speak their own language.

If you’ve ever turned on a CB radio and tried to figure out what was going on, you probably got confused in a hurry while listening to two truckers go back and forth. They’ll often use terms like “bear trap” (a police officer sitting on the side of the road using a radar gun) and “salt shaker” (a snow plow) to describe what they see out on the road. It makes it almost impossible to understand what they’re talking about in the moment.

But they’re friendly to other drivers, too.

If you ever tailgate too close to a trucker or attempt to pass them on the wrong side, you might meet their wrath. But typically, truck drivers are friendly to those that they share the road with. They’ll toot their horn if a child asks nicely, flash their lights quickly to thank another driver for helping them out, and even show off a smile when they see you at a rest stop. They’re just like you, just in a much larger vehicle!

They don’t fit into the stereotypes that you think they do.

Close your eyes and picture a trucker in your head. Chances are, you just pictured the Hollywood version of a trucker. But most truckers don’t fit into that stereotype. For starters, not all truckers are men (you pictured a male trucker, didn’t you?). Almost 10 percent of truckers today are women. Additionally, they’re not all hotheads looking for trouble out on the road. Most are family men (and women!) just looking to earn an honest living. Therefore, stop buying into the stereotypes that Hollywood is selling.

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