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When Are Truck Drivers Subject to Drug Tests?

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The trucking industry is very serious about being drug-free. Someone using illegal/harmful drugs shouldn’t be driving a big rig. Drug tests are given in several instances, in order to make sure truck drivers and others working in the business aren’t going to cause problems for themselves, the company, and/or the general public on the roads…. Read more »

Tips For Preparing For a Long Drive

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Truckers drive for a living, and many do long drives. Buffalo to Miami? Los Angeles to Seattle? Dallas to Minneapolis? These are all long drives involving many highways, multiple states, and hours and hours and hours at the wheel. To prepare for a long drive, get enough sleep before the trip– at least 8 hours…. Read more »

The Reasons Behind The Truck Driver Shortage

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Transporting freight by truck is still very important to our economy. Many of the goods that our stores and homes house were delivered by truck. The most crucial aspect to trucking are the drivers. Trucking companies put a lot of responsibility upon their drivers to successfully and safely carry freight all over the country. However,… Read more »

What are some of the challenges of being a truck driver?

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Being a truck driver has its privileges. For instance, you get to see a lot more of the world than others with desk jobs. And you get paid well. Still, there are challenges for those who choose the trucking life. Much like rock stars always seem to be touring from town to town, truckers are… Read more »

Finding a Truck Driver for the Holidays

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Doesn’t it seem to get harder and harder to hold onto the magic of the holiday season? If you can remember a time when you truly believed in Santa Claus, nothing quite matches up to that feeling on Christmas morning, running downstairs to a mountain of presents overflowing from under the tree. Where did it… Read more »

How Can Truck Drivers Eat Healthy And Exercise While Out on the Road?

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It’s not always easy for truckers to eat healthy and exercise while out on the road. Go into any truck stop in America and look around– there are plenty of high calorie, sugary snacks and drinks for sale. Heck, that’s even true of most supermarkets for non-truckers, too. Being on the road, it may seem… Read more »

What Will Cause Truck Drivers to Leave the Profession

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Now’s a good time to become a truck driver because there will be a need for more than 300,000 drivers between now and the year 2020. If you’re young, can follow the rules, and aren’t interested in drugs and alcohol, trucking could be a lucrative career. Why are some drivers leaving the profession? Well, the… Read more »

Reasons to Join the Trucking Industry

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The world as we know it would stop if truckers all decided to not do their jobs. You’ve probably seen the TV commercials proclaiming “America runs on Dunkin.” Well, Dunkin Donuts do fill many people’s bellies daily, but the phrase should really be changed to “America runs thanks to truckers.” Now is a good time… Read more »

What Can Drivers Do To Prevent Cargo Theft?

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Whenever anything of value is transported from Point A to Point B, there’s always the risk of that cargo being damaged or worse– stolen. Cargo theft is something all truck drivers worry about. After all, you feel responsible for the loads you carry and do not want anything to go wrong, naturally. So what can… Read more »