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What Will Affect Driver Turnover in the Future?

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Truck drivers and the companies employing them should be aware of upcoming trends in the next decade or so which will affect the truck driving industry in significant ways. The first major trend will be the need for new truck drivers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 330,000 new additional truck drivers will… Read more »

What Will Trucks Look Like In The Future?

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Remember Back to the Future Part II? That future time imagined in the 1989 film—with personal hoverboards and automatic shoelaces—was supposed to be here already. The movie takes place in 2015. Isn’t it funny watching old movies or reading old articles about the future, just to laugh at how wrong the predictions were? On the… Read more »

How Long Must You Keep Employment Records?

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Did you ever wonder how long a truck driving company keeps employment records? Excluding employment tax records, files relating to current truck company employees are retained for at least 7 years after the employee has left or been terminated. For any job applicants who were not eventually hired, their files are kept for at least… Read more »

What Are the Prettiest Places to Drive Through in the Fall?

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Fall foliage helps make long drives more enjoyable during the months of September, October and November. There are several “pretty places” to drive through during the Fall, including much of the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States. Places in Maine are past peak, but a little lower down, the colorful trees along the New York State… Read more »

Even In A Tough Economy, The Trucking Industry Is Hiring

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Have you ever felt unsure about what you want to do with your life? Welcome to the club. The rapidly changing job market doesn’t help much, creating an aura of uncertainty that surrounds many career choices. Young people are left confused and unable to make decisive career decisions that they can feel confident about. One… Read more »

What are Accident Preventability Evaluations?

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Accident preventability evaluations are meant to help drivers avoid trucking accidents, which affect a company’s bottom line. By evaluating a driver’s practical knowledge about accidents–and how to avoid them–trucking companies can benefit with fewer delayed shipments, less damage to vehicles and cargo, and, of course, fewer employee injuries. Safety matters, and accident preventability evaluations cover… Read more »

What Is A Compliance Review and How Does It Affect Commercial Carriers

In order to operate a commercial truck, drivers have to obtain a particular commercial driver’s license and follow many regulations, including a compliance review. In order to ensure that a commercial truck carrier is properly following regulations, the compliance review provides an on-site examination of motor carrier operations. This examination is meant for evaluating whether… Read more »

What Does the Sleeper Berth Provision Allow You To Do?

Driving a commercial vehicle is a safety sensitive position that requires you to be at your best whenever you’re on the road. Of course, that means avoiding things that hinder your driving ability and judgment, like drugs and alcohol. However, research and data collected over the years have shown that adequate rest is very important… Read more »

Tarping Tips for Truckers

You could drive up and down every road in America, and you’d still be hard pressed to find a trucker who actually enjoys tarping. Every job has miserable tasks that seem impossible to bear, and tarping a flat bed truck most definitely falls into that category. Harsh weather can make the task even worse. Unfortunately,… Read more »