Category: Safety Tips

What is Considered a Preventable Accident?

If and when you’re a professional truck driver, you should know what’s considered a “preventable accident.” When you’re operating a company owned vehicle “on-the-clock,” there are certain things to consider. When dealing with intersections, take precautionary measures to ensure you’re not involved in an accident that occurs due to the actions of other drivers. With… Read more »

Five Tips for Keeping Your Cab Clean

Have you ever heard the phrase, “A clean room equals a clear mind”? It might sound like some far out analogy, but it’s actually true! Many people feel that they think clearer, stay calmer, and work more efficiently when their surroundings are clean and uncluttered. The same should go for your truck. Keeping the cabin… Read more »

Why Coffee is Pure Gold to Truck Drivers

Where would truckers be without coffee (or other caffeinated drinks)? The caffeine found in coffee is a legal stimulant that perks up tired drivers around the world. It’s a common and valuable drink for truckers who benefit from its positive physical and mental effects. Because it stimulates the release of dopamine, coffee makes people feel… Read more »

Why Is It Important To Have A Clean Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)?

  Maintaining a clean motor vehicle record is immensely important to any person interested in driving a commercial truck. Because safety is so important on the road, especially when operating a large truck, trucking companies scrutinize MVRs very closely when determining whether to hire a potential employee.   In fact, companies will undoubtedly screen the… Read more »

What are the legal amounts of truck driving hours per day or week?

New regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, taking effect this past July, have been the subject of debate both inside and outside of the truck driving industry. However drivers might feel about the specific rules, all agree that it’s important to prevent fatigue that might put truck drivers and those who share the… Read more »

What’s the difference between a pre-employment and post-accident drug test?

  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has alcohol and drug-testing regulations put in place to promote a safer driving environment for truck drivers and those with whom they share the road. The two most notable procedures involved are the pre-employment and post-accident screenings. All truck drivers should be aware of the process and prepared… Read more »

Tips for Drivers: Efficiently Loading Semi-Trucks

Whether it is drums, cargo wrapped and placed on skids, or individually wrapped commodities, it is important to pack any semi-truck properly. Knowing that the maximum gross vehicle weight should not exceed 40 tons, figuring the load size has to be the first consideration when packing. Next, ensure that you have the proper equipment such… Read more »

Training Truck Drivers to Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel-efficient drivers mean cost-efficient services. Help your drivers reduce pollution and fuel costs by training them accordingly. There are many factors that go into operating heavy trucks, and some novice drivers may overlook huge opportunities to save money and gas. Let’s take a look at a few ways drivers can reduce fuel costs: Driving speed… Read more »

Operating Semi Trucks in Snow and Bad Winter Weather

When the roads are slick and snow is falling, traffic safety sits at an all-time high. Driving large semi-trucks takes skill and confidence in ideal weather, so there is no room for carelessness or panicking. “January and semi-truck accidents are as common as the flu in winter thanks to poor road conditions and what an… Read more »